2016 Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeos

2016 Motorcycle Rodeo Tour dates and locations:

Fowlerville Rodeo
August 19-21
Fowlerville Fairgrounds
Fowlerville, MI

Chillicothe Rodeo
September 1-5
Ross County Fairgrounds
Chillicothe, OH

Some of the 2016 motorcycle rodeo events are the always popular barstool races, sled pulls, weenie bite, tire ride, barrel race, and slow races. Other big draws at both of the 2016 Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeos locations: bike show, poker crawl, Circus Una motorcycle stunt show, wet t contest, Trophy Girl contest, vendors, partying, and camping.

The featured bands at the Rodoes are The Fryed Brothers Band and Rev Theory at the Fowlerville Rodeo and Kentucky Headunters and Hoobastank at the Chillicothe Rodeo.

More details on attractions at both events and special attractions at each event are on the website for the Easyriders Rodeos.

2016 Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeos

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