Hawk Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Hawk ST-1198 2-in-1 Modular Motorcycle Helmets with Hawk COM-2 Bluetooth Device
By Steve Flores

Last weekend I tested out the Hawk ST-1198 Bluetooth DOT Helmet with a Hawk COM-2 Bluetooth system, the bottom-line first – it is awesome!

Although I enjoy doing mechanical things, I also don’t like to spend time on something that really could be made a lot easier. That being said, because the Hawk motorcycle helmet is designed to have a Bluetooth system installed on it, the installation of the Bluetooth on the Hawk motorcycle helmet was quick and easy. In part, these are the reasons why:

-There are areas in the padding of these motorcycle helmets intended to mount the speakers.
-The padding also has an area where the mounting bracket can be slid into, making it easy. It’s also beneficial not having to peel back a padded area on the helmet that is glued. This is because the padding regularly pull back, which is a pain.
-Additionally, there is an area in the padding to attach the microphone.

One of the coolest features that I first noticed with this modular helmet was when you open the helmet from a full-face position to an open-face position. With most modular helmets, the face shield and jaw part of the helmet rotate 90 degrees, which causes it to catch the wind. Meanwhile, the ST-1198 has an aerodynamic design where the face shield and jaw area rotate back 180 degrees. This rotation greatly helps reduce the amount of wind the helmet catches.

The performance of the Bluetooth system is excellent. The clarity of the speakers during calls or while on a call is very good. The quality microphone that allowed others to clearly hear me when I communicated with other riders wearing helmets that I synced the ST-1198 with and also on phone calls. One unique feature that helps facilitate this is the chin pad that helps to block the wind.

The helmet also has a retractable sun-visor. This makes it so it is not a necessity to carry sunglasses wherever I rode and didn’t have to pull over to put on my sunglasses. Because I had the sun-visor, I also did not have to wear sunglasses underneath the helmet and this maximizes the comfort of wearing a helmet. This is a convenient feature and it can be raised or lowered quickly and easily.

A few other noteworthy features with these motorcycle helmets:
-When I tested out the Bluetooth helmet, it was in the low-90s, but the helmet’s front and back vents kept the temperature inside of the helmet relatively cool.
-The helmet is lightweight.
-Both the Bluetooth device and the helmet features are easy to operate while wearing gloves.
-The quick connect chinstrap clips are convenient and help avoid having the microphone get caught when adjusting the chinstrap in the traditional D-rings.

The Hawk Bluetooth helmets are inexpensive and there are a number of choices if you are thinking of using one. There are a lot of advantages of a helmet with integrated Bluetooth vs traditional alternatives like ear buds and an accompanying microphone that is not intended to be used with a motorcycle helmet. The Hawk ST-1198 Bluetooth helmets with a Hawk COM-2 Bluetooth bundle are available at LeatherUp.com.

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