Cyclone Motorcycle – History & Pictures

Cyclone Motorcycle was Manufactured by the Joerns Motor Manufacturing Company. Here are Vintage Cyclones Pictures and Article at Blog.

The design of the Cyclone was created by Andrew Strand. He was of Swedish descent and had worked in the American automobile industry. The motorcycles were manufactured by Joerns Motor Manufacturing Company from 1912 to 1917 in St. Paul, MN.

With a lot improvements compared to motorcycles of it days and high-performance, the Cyclone motorcycles were competitive on both the board track races and on dirt track races. The motorcycles had a 61 cu in / 1,000 cc v-twin with overhead cams, shaft-driven, and other impressive features that gave it high-performance with 45 hp.

How fast was it? In 1914, it broke the record held by Excelsior by going 111 mph. The Cyclone bikes were estimated to have a top end of 115 mph.

With only 13 Cyclones left, the price tag for one of these is high. In 2015, a Cyclone owned by Steve McQueen was sold at auction for $852,000.

The company closed when it found that the Cyclones could not compete in the marketplace with the lower cost competitors’ motorcycles.

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