E-Bike with Vintage Motorcycle Styling

If you look at our Facebook or on this motorcycle pictures blog, you will see from the posts that we are huge fans of vintage motorcycles, so we are intrigued with the new Vintage Voltage E-Bikes from American Cycle Company.
The flat black Vintage Voltage has a lot of vintage features you would see in an early racing motorcycle: the number painted on the side of the tank, springer forks, vintage-looking gas tank (the battery is located inside), leather saddle seat, brown tires, and leather grips.

“Yes”, it is a bicycle with an engine, but so were the first motorcycles in the early 1900s. Just like the vintage motorcycles made a hundred years ago, you can use the pedals on the E-Bike to get going when you are stopped, increase the speed or to get up hills.
Obviously, the Vintage Voltage E-bicycle has a 500 watt electric engine powered by a 48 volt battery rather than the vintage motorcycles that used an internal combustion engine. Other big differences are the quality of parts and components: black double-wall aluminum wheels, Tektro disc brakes, Intelligent Pedal Assist System, Shimano components, and a five function LCD display.
Pretty cool; you can read more on the Vintage Voltage E-Bike at American Cycle Company.

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