Hare Scrambles vs Enduro Motorcycle Races

You’ve probably heard of hare scrambles, but some people might ask, “What exactly is a hare scramble?” In its purist form, riders in a hare scramble motorcycle race on a course that ranges anywhere from a few miles to 40 miles on a course. The course has various terrains: wooded, pastures, sand, dirt, mud, rocks, hills, creek beds, etc. The time a scramble lasts usually ranges from 1-3 hours.

The riders in a hare race are split up into classes based on their’ skill level: A is for experts, B is for intermediate, and C is for novice riders. The other determining factor used to determine a rider’s class, is the size of the riders’ engines. The winner in a hare scramble is the motorcycle rider who completes the most number of laps in the set amount of time or reaches the finish line first.

Vintage Hare Scramble Video

Another question people ask is, “What is the difference between a hare scramble and an enduro race?”

First, hare scrambles start like a motocross race, with all of the riders in a particular class starting at the same time. Then, usually one minute apart, other classes start the race together. The distance in an enduro race is longer than a hare scramble. The terrain in an enduro motorcycle race is also rough.

Enduros start with a particular number of riders, often four riders, in the same class starting at the same time. In an enduro race, riders are judged by maintaining a predetermined average speed. The enduro race has a starting point and an ending point, as opposed doing lapse around a course that hare scrambles run on.

At different checkpoints, the riders’ time is recorded. Points are given or taken away depending on if they rider was over or under the predetermined speed. The winner of an enduro race is the one with the best point score.

Vintage Enduro Racing Video

Both types of motorcycle races are fun and challenging. Let us know what you think on Lightning Customs Facebook page.

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