Majestic Motorcycles

In the early part of the 1920’s, Georges Roy started experimenting with building motorcycles. He wanted to build bikes without the conventional tube frame to allow for better performance at higher speeds and also to have an art deco look.

In 1926, his “New Motorcycle” was completed and patented, but it was not successful. This was due to poor service and sales. That did not stop Roy, as he went back to the drawing board.

In 1929, he introduced the art deco Majestic motorcycle. The bike had some unique features: hub-centered steering, no rear suspension, steel mounted rigid rear hub, enclosed mechanicals, and a lot of other cool mechanical features. A lot of these features were used to make the Majestic motorcycles to look art deco.

In 1930, Roy sold the rights to the Majestic to a company named Delachanal, which eventually went bankrupt. So, what happened to Roy? He went back to the knitting industry, no joke; this is what his profession was before working on motorcycle designs.

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