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Las Vegas BikeFest 2015 Preview

Preview pictures for the 15th Annual Las Vegas BikeFest held October 1 to 4, 2015

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Classic Choppers

Color vintage pictures of classic choppers and their riders.

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Girls and Motorcycles

More recent pictures of Girls and Motorcycles posing with vintage to new retro style motorcycles.

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Customized Choppers and Bobbers

Custom Choppers and Bobbers with a mix of some old school styling and some custom work.

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Motorcycle ABS Misunderstanding- Stopping Distance

The 2013 IIHS (International Institute of Highway Safety) “Effects of Antilock Braking Systems on Motorcycle Fatal Crash Rates: An Update” found a number of interesting results. The study reviewed fatalities occurring from 2003 to 2011 on thirteen different models of motorcycles, some equipped with antilock brakes and some without. One of the results was that […]

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Digger Motorcycles

Digger Motorcycles and Frisco Style Motorcycles Pictures

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