A big part of our blog is to post antique, vintage, classic and old school motorcycle pictures. Another function is to provide a natural extension of the Lightning Customs Motorcycle Rallies information site. On our blog you’ll find events’ information and attractions with pictures, flyers, banners and videos of the Major Biker Rallies as well as from smaller events you will find on our Motorcycle Rallies calendar.   In addition to being able to navigate through by selecting different options on the left, we have also set up our blog so you can view this main page to see both motorcycle photos and articles in the order they are published or you can View Only Motorcycle Pics or View Only Motorcycle Articles.

2017 Easyriders Sacramento Bike Show Video

VIDEO of the 2017 Easyriders Sacramento Bike Show.

1950’s Italian Police Motorcycle Riding Team Video

VIDEO of the 1950’s Italian Police Motorcycle Precision Riding Team Video.

1913 Antique Harley-Davidson Model 9B

PICTURES & Info on the 1913 Antique Harley-Davidson Model 9B.

The Vespa 150 TAP Scooter with a Cannon

PICTURES & Article on the Vespa Scooter with a Mounted Cannon.

Biker T-Shirts for Men

Mans Early Attempts to Fly Funny Videos

WATCH the Man’s Early Attempts to Fly Videos.

1930’s Vintage Motorcycle Hill Climb Footage – Part I of II

WATCH the Vintage Motorcycle Hill Climb Footage.