Solutions to Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Braking Issues

The majority of people refer to “Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures” as the Hurt Report (the primary researcher of the study). This study commissioned USC in 1976 by the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and it was published by NHTSA in 1981. Although it has been almost 35 years old, this study is still the most thorough and frequently cited study of its kind.
A major finding related to accidents related to motorcycle braking, “Motorcycle riders in these accidents showed significant collision avoidance problems. Most riders would overbrake and skid the rear wheel, and underbrake the front wheel greatly reducing collision avoidance deceleration.”

With decades having gone by, there are now a couple of options to help a rider avoid locking their brakes and to also brake with confidence; Motorcycle ABS and the TCB Traction Control Brake System. As you know, Motorcycle Anti-Lock Brake Systems electronically helps to release pressure in the brake system and avoid complete wheel lock up when it senses the wheels locking.
Although there are a lot of opinions about ABS for motorcycles, one thing that is for sure, a rider gets maximum braking performance right before the wheels lock. Since ABS locks and then releases, a rider is not at that threshold where they get maximum braking power the majority of time.
The TCB Brake System on the other hand manually helps a rider’s brakes from locking by absorbing the natural spikes in pressure that cause the wheels to lock. Because there is not a full release of the brakes like with ABS brakes, a rider’s brakes are right on the threshold of locking and subsequently are getting the maximum amount of stopping power.
So, this is why the TCB motorcycle brakes upgrade has been shown in tests to shorter stopping distances than bikes with or without ABS. I can personally attest to the shorter stopping distance and also better control in hard braking situations (since the TCB helps the wheels from locking, you get better control) You can read more how the System works as well as the review test results on the TCB Braking System site.
Steve Flores

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