1952 Panhead Chopper by Travis Stuckey

1952 Panhead Chopper build by Travis Stuckey

We always have our eyes open for cool bikes and at the Easyriders Show in Austin we found many of them, so here is information on Travis Stuckey’s old school chopper with a 1952 Panhead. After the show he gave us more information on the build including that a lot of the chopper was built in his bedroom.

Here is more about what he said about the build:
“I grew up around Harleys and started riding on the back of my dad’s bike at the age of 4 or 5 years old. No matter the weather was we rode.

“I ended up going the custom car route for years always saying one day I would return to bikes. I always said when I build a bike for myself it was going to be an old style big chopper like bike in the 70s and 80s.

“I searched out a Panhead before I started on the bike. I bought the engine from an old guy in St Louis and hauled it home on the front seat of my Honda Civic leaking oil all over the place.

“After I had the engine I ordered a roller from Mondo at Denver’s Choppers. I thought if I was going to have a real old style chopper I had to go with the Godfather of choppers. After Mondo was done with the roller I drove out to Reno to pick it up and hang out for a few days.

“When I got back home I started mocking everything up in the spare bedroom of the house I was renting as I had no real garage to use. I would drag parts to work to mud up and prime as I had time. In the process of it all I bought a house with a one stall garage with two lights and no heat.

“The bike was painted where I work by me. The engine was rebuilt by me in the garage at my house as was all the wiring and assembly. The bike was finished while running a propane heater fighting to keep the garage at 50 degrees.”

Below are pictures of the chopper build in process and some we took of the finished bike at the Easyriders Bike Show.

More on the parts & paint:
Engine 1952 Panhead rebuild – owner
Paint -House of Kolor Kandy tangerine yellow pearl mix
Painted – owner
Trans 6-into-4 – Baker
Tank Frisco Sportster – Mondo of Denver Choppers
Frame 7” 43 degrees – Paughco
Fender – Mondo of Denver Choppers
Oil bag – Evo Softail
25” over – Denver Choppers
21” front wheel
18” Rear wheel
Tires – Avon
Brakes – PM
Wiring – owner
Hand controls – Kustom Tech
Foot controls – Outlaw
Primary open chain – Tech Cycles
Assembly – owner
Exhaust – owner/Paughco
Polishing – Elite Polishing

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